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  • Trusting information is tough these days. Maybe we should relabel the “information age” as the “age of irony”. An ocean of information with no real way to filter. There is an undeniable social phenomenon with being “first to print” or…”first to post”

  • Right now, you’re probably glued to the television, YouTube or Netflix with chips in one hand and ice cream in the other. Bottom line, we’re bored. Given enough time, this can be pretty unsettling. To put it lightly, COVID-19 has us on edge. A restle

  • As coronavirus spreads and we continue to be socially distant, it’s safe to say we’re all feeling isolated from one another. Infection rates don’t seem to discriminate with age, but the risk definitely does. Especially with the elderly. “Eight out of

  • Being a caregiver to a loved one accompanies a range of feelings and emotions that can put the caregiver at risk for stress. When a caregiver experiences stress but does not take the steps necessary to manage it, they can put their health and emotion

  • Bringing Joy to a Patient’s Life There’s no bond quite like the one between a person and their furry companion. It’s no secret that pets have long been sources of human companionship and joy. They give someone something to live for.

  • The goal of a palliative medicine program is to relieve pain and other symptoms that are burdensome to those suffering from serious and advanced illnesses. As it addresses these symptoms, the palliative system helps patients and families understand t

  • Having a loved one in hospice can trigger so many conflicting emotions that one may not be able to process on their own. The emotions of grief may set in as well as much anticipation regarding the well-being of the person in hospice care. There...

  • As a caregiver for a hospice patient, you want to make sure that your patient or loved one is able to enjoy this time of life as much as possible. Fun activities can help distract a person from unpleasant medical procedures or troubling physical symp

  • When taking a hospice facility tour, there are certain care levels, living qualities, staff attitudes and patient amenities that you want to ensure are provided for residents. The best hospice care today is designed to keep patients as comfortable an

  • Can patients with dementia benefit from hospice?

  • The role of the hospice care social worker is an important one and can often be overlooked. Hospice care social workers show up when patients are living in their final months. Most patients enter hospice care with six months or less left to live. In.

  •   Bereavement is usually caused by a personal loss, such as the death of a loved one. It is a multifaceted response due to the break in the bond, usually in the form of death or the diagnosis of a terminal illness. It is a...

  • “Christmas is a tonic for our souls,” observed B.C. Forbes. Hospice patients need this “tonic” of the holiday seasons perhaps more than any other group. Though celebrating Christmas with them may require some creativity, family, friends and caregiver

  • Volunteers play a major role in hospices and palliative patient care. Hospices in Idaho and its environs are encouraged to absorb more volunteers. A hospice volunteer plays the role of providing essential support, comfort, and care to the families an

  • There are some unfortunate instances where illnesses shorten the lives of loved ones. Where the period can be calculated in weeks, months, or years, a patient may be placed under special care and attention. Hospice care at home or an institution may

  • At the end of life, the priority is to ensure comfort. This ensures quality of life and is deserved by every human being. To aid you in this process we have compiled five recommendations for easing the end of life. Physical Needs Maintaining a person

  • Hospice care providers are special people. They’re tasked with an incredibly important job that isn’t for everybody. What makes these people so extraordinary? What’s going on inside the mind of a hospice care provider? Although each

  • When a loved one gets older, many people would like to take care of their elderly relatives themselves; however, it is sometimes necessary to place a loved one in hospice care. This decision is never easy and takes an emotional toll on everyone invol

  • Having a conversation about hospice care is never an easy one. However, how you approach the subject could mean the difference between a fruitful conversation or something a little more difficult. It’s not always as easy as putting yourself in

  • While many people don’t like to talk about it because of the uncomfortable feeling it creates, it is important that people discuss the impending fact that everyone will die eventually. It is even more important to talk about this with elderly p

  • Hospice: Medical Care for the Entire Family The end-of-life stage can be a difficult and scary time for everyone involved. The terminally sick patient is not the only person affected by the illness. His or her friends and family members must also dea

  • Until they find out that they or a cherished loved one needs hospice care, many people don’t know everything the service entails. This article will help answer some common questions around hospice care. Hospice is a method of care that provides for p

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