5 Reasons Why a Furry Friend is Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

5 Reasons Why a Furry Friend is Exactly What The Doctor Ordered

Bringing Joy to a Patient’s Life

There’s no bond quite like the one between a person and their furry companion. It’s no secret that pets have long been sources of human companionship and joy. They give someone something to live for. Pets are affectionate, love human attention, and are loyal. They’re perfect for those in hospice care because they provide comfort and peace during the tough time. Here’s 5 reasons why a furry friend is perfect for someone in hospice care.

1. Bond

Pets and people are a pair with an unbreakable bond. In many homes, pets become a part of a family. When someone has to go into hospice care, they can still remember that loving bond that they had with their furry friend. That’s why it’s important to still have a bond. Many pets are found in hospice care because they remind humans of that loving bond.

2. Motivation

Pets are dependent on human’s care. They can’t survive without it. Pets rely on humans for food, attention, and play time. Those in hospice care have something to live for when pets are around. It gives them a reason to get out of bed each and every morning. If a person gets sicker, they may require assistance to care for the pet. It still can be done. Hospice patients will appreciate not only having a bond with the pet, but a bond with the secondary person helping to care for them.

3. Someone to Listen

Hospice can sometimes get lonely. When there’s pets around, it gives a hospice patient someone to talk with and someone who will listen. That’s because many pets will sit their and listen. Depending on the breed, there are quite a few dogs who are content to lay at a person’s feet and just spend time with them.

4. Empathy

Dogs are great at sensing a person’s feelings. They’re able to understand the verbal and nonverbal cues of a person. Many breeds can sense when their owner is in pain, when their owner is happy, when their owner needs extra attention, and when they should back off. That’s what makes dogs perfect companions for hospice patients. Not only are they intune with someone’s emotional and physical needs, they know how to react. Dogs are great watchers and they can learn a lot about their human’s behavior just by spending time with them.

5. Relaxation

As a person goes through hospice care, their anxiety and fear can increase. Pets have a calming presence about them. They’re able to reduce the fear of someone just by staying close. When someone in hospice doesn’t have family around, they can fall back on the love of a pet. Certain docile breeds will sit near a human and accept their hugs or being held. This is a great way to allow a hospice person to cuddle something. If they’re too weak to do so, a therapy animal can still sit quietly by and enjoy their presence.

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