What Does Hospice Care Entail?

What Does Hospice Care Entail?

Until they find out that they or a cherished loved one needs hospice care, many people don’t know everything the service entails. This article will help answer some common questions around hospice care.

Hospice is a method of care that provides for people who are terminally ill. It’s been around for centuries in one form or another, but the modern interpretation of hospice care didn’t come around until the 1950’s. The goal is to make sure a dying person’s needs are met, physically and spiritually. Hospice organizations like Auburn Crest also take into consideration the family’s needs and how to care for them during such a difficult time.

Inpatient Service or At Home Palliative Care

There are inpatient locations for Auburn Crest Hospice in Idaho and Colorado, but they also provide services for at home palliative care. It truly varies what each person or their families may want for end of life care. These needs are addressed at the time hospice care is needed.

Many times the person who has been dealing with an illness has made their wishes about hospice clear to their family ahead of time, so that needs to be relayed to the hospice care facility. Sometimes, at the end stage the patient is unable to communicate their preferences, which is why early planning and communication are important, as difficult as those conversations may be.

Our staff of certified medical nurses, home health aides, social workers, and trained volunteers are able to handle any and all situations with ease. The patient’s own physician will be able to coordinator the patient’s care with us to ensure that the process goes as well as to be expected with dignity and respect.

Training For Caregivers

Hospice facilities also provide training and support for caregivers who may not have ever faced end-of-life care before. It’s a delicate subject that needs to be handled with the utmost thought and attention to detail. The purpose is to take away some of the trauma during the process to focus on quality of life. Having the right tools to handle the situation is going to make it that much easier to take care of everything that needs to be done for your loved one in the right way.

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Bereavement and Counseling For The Family

One additional part of hospice is that the facility has staff that handle bereavement counseling for the family or friends of the person who is passing away. This should be part of the total hospice package that is meant to make things easier, as much as they can be during this time of grief, for everyone involved. The volunteer staff are especially essential to the process, making sure that support is readily available for all who need it.

“Help and hope” is the founding philosophy at Auburn Crest Hospice. If you have questions about what hospice care entails, give us a call today. Our highly trained staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you with any questions you may have. We’ll do our best to ease your fears about end of life care for someone you love.

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