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  • There are many misconceptions about hospice care. When you consider the actual statistics and read about hospice care, it can be the ideal break from toxic treatments. It may provide your body the strength it needs to fight that disease into remissio

  • If you are a loved one of or caretaker to someone who is experiencing either physical or mental decline, you will likely have many questions about how to care for them. Being a caregiver certainly is a full-time task so many people require the help..

  • When taking a hospice facility tour, there are certain care levels, living qualities, staff attitudes and patient amenities that you want to ensure are provided for residents. The best hospice care today is designed to keep patients as comfortable an

  • Advance directives are legal documents that help you to plan and direct your medical care wishes, especially in end of life circumstances. These only take effect when you are unable to communicate your wishes and are most often used for especially el

  • You’ve found a hospice for your elderly loved one and feel safe in the knowledge that it fits his or her needs. But what happens now? Ensuring your loved one is well cared for at such a critical stage of life doesn’t end at finding...

  • Making the decision to place a loved one in hospice care is not easy. The nature of the circumstances that have to arise before you even need to begin searching for the right hospice environment to suit your loved one may have prepared you to...

  • Having a conversation about hospice care is never an easy one. However, how you approach the subject could mean the difference between a fruitful conversation or something a little more difficult. It’s not always as easy as putting yourself in

  • If you are in the process of looking into hospice care, you might wonder what the costs are going to be for you or a loved one. The answer is fairly straightforward and most hospice care is covered by insurance. So whether the person needing...

  • When you have a loved one who is nearing the end of life, it can be a difficult time for you and your family. Although passing away is inevitable for everyone, the type of care that is received during the final weeks or months of...

  • Until they find out that they or a cherished loved one needs hospice care, many people don’t know everything the service entails. This article will help answer some common questions around hospice care. Hospice is a method of care that provides for p

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